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Whether you need an independent eye on a burning IT issue or a long term commitment to accompany your team up to launch day, let's talk!

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Technical Asset Auditing

You have come across a promising venture and you contemplate investing in but you wonder if the technical assets are as valuable as advertised?
Don't move without asking us !

We can conduct in-depth analysis of human, machines and processes and deliver reports that you can actually read, understand and act on thanks to our independent jargon-free recommendations.


We are engineers. We care about our craft. We solve practical problems using software we build with passion. We deliver agile solutions to situations we never faced before, every time.

Our favorite areas range from embedded devices prototyping to smart phone apps but we have been seen crawling datacenters sub-floors to deploy startup server farms.

Visual identity

We have a long track record in computer graphics. Coming from real-time 3D animation and broadcast TV imaging we now offer our eye and know-how to develop or revamp your visual identity and spread it on any media be it physical like a fleet of wrapped vehicles or digital like the gorgeous prezi templates you need for your next strategic meeting.

Social Network Marketing

You know you should be doing something to bring your company up to par but don't know where to start? We can help you tackle the new challenges brought by the social networks. We offer strategic advice as well as practical approaches to build a positive image and maintain a coherent presence on the networks relevant to your activity.

Et nous faisons tout ça en français aussi !